Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unexpected emergency Ability Suggestions Septembers Details Thirty day period

September can be Nationwide urgent situation ability list regarding home Month. Pertaining to Us citizens, it's actually a important indication in our must be prepared for various unfortunate occurances.

One of the most vital elements for you to staying geared up has a good emergency ability listing with regard to home. As The boy wonder Jones from the Iz EMA Willingness Part clarifies, packing apart quick and easy goods may go quite a distance in direction of holding you back and your family safe. A crisis readiness package is the one other means of your household ensuring that they're risk-free, ensuring that they're self-sufficient. Consider it the recipient's attention deal. For starters, you wish to ensure you get normal water. Normal water is really important. You want a emergency first aid kit. Be sure that it can be newly filled. Trash tote, you need to have garbage totes for waste. A radio. This particular radio stations in fact provides power packs with it. When you have battery packs, you have to guarantee the battery packs are refreshing. In case you have foodstuffs, you have to make sure the goods have not terminated. Things alongside people line is vital. These are a few things you need to remember. Your crisis willingness listing regarding residence ought to be easily accessible and contain ample to preserve an individual, all your family members, Plus your animals for about 72 hours. If you want more help make sure you see the main site with Emergency Willingness Ideas

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alternative Energies - Advantages Of Solar Power

Alternative energies are becoming a great way to power your bug out locations or to use during a power outage.

Just recently a couple of tornado's rolled through a town just north of where we live. As the days went by thousands were stuck with out electricity. While the electric company was repairing the downed the lines it started to cause a cascading power outage that effected our home. Luckily we had our alternative energies solar power generator. It kept out A/C on and aloud us access to vital emergency survival information. Checkout the Specs at the link below.

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(Author Eric)
"This alternative energy source can save on your energy bills using our advanced sun power alternative energy source. So, what are the secrets that the energy companies don’t want you to know?"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Battery Bank For Off Grid Solar Systems

Here are our golf car batteries for our off-grid solar systems battery bank. You can use different kinds of batteries. There are much more sophisticated battery bank, but they are much more expensive so we choose just to get golf cart batteries for our battery charging circuit. Some of them are even recycled from someone who didn't need them any more. One of these batteries is about fifty-five dollars. Why do we use golf cart batteries in our battery bank? A golf cart battery is a deep cycle battery. That means it can store a lot of energy but it's not able to give it away in a short moment. In a car you have a battery that needs full power when you turn your key. In a golf cart battery you want to have a battery that you can drive for a long time. The same idea we have here because we want to store the electricity we get in our battery bank for as long as possible because we never know when the sun is shining or when the wind is blowing. Remember the more batteries you have in your battery bank the more storage you have for your off-grid solar systems.
battery bank

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Living Off The Grid- Off Grid Solar Systems

I have come to realize that many times when I am living off the grid I'm only using two or three hundred watts of power from my two gas powered generators.

This is why I ended up buying the off grid solar systems array I have on my shed.
These three large hundred and twenty-three watt twelve volt panels along with
six fifteen watt panels that are always in parallel but give me approximately four hundred and fifty watt's (this is the advantages of solar power.) they are all coming down into this little off grid solar systems combiner box. I highly recommend if you are putting in a off grid solar systems to buy one of these combiner boxes, because they allow you to turn off and on dc breakers on each individual panel so you can see actually what you're doing and see if there's anything like a short or if the panels are not running efficiently. Inside here I have a transfer switch that actually is a breaker box as well, I can simply flip the switch on and off of the off grid solar systems generator by flipping the switch I can run off of my off grid solar systems here.

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A nice thing is, either way it actually tells me how many watts that I'm using inside my tiny house from this particular box I am running off of my off grid solar systems you can
tell I have just cut off this female end of an eighty foot extension cable ran it overhead
into my off grid solar systems battery bank; by the way I have young children and I would highly recommend if you have kids around best thing would be to put this in a way that kids can’t get to it. I have a Zandtrack c thirty five charge controller that I just finished equalizing the batteries with. I have eight six volt two hundred twenty-five amp hour batteries that are wired in series rather than in parallel to give me a total of the nine hundred amp hours in our global battery bank. I also have this little inverter here that doesn't charge just a simple inverter but the one thing I love about this is  it tells me how many watts I am using in the tiny house.

Using simple math you can see that right now I am using a hundred watts
I am producing if you can see that it's less than six amps or seventy six watts of power so it's kind of a nice resource because it tells me I'm still taking more power out of the batteries then or I'm putting back in from the off grid solar systems array works out very nicely. My next up grade will be to actually replace this charge controller to replace this inverter with one that will actually charge and invert so when I do run my off grid solar systems generator I will be able to use the excess power but I'm not using my cabin charge these battery packs anyways I'd appreciate any comments that you have I've learned so much from the people here in beautiful I thank everybody out there that is given explanations of how they use their off grid solar systems power array and how they use their off grid solar systems energy it's been very useful for me in any tips or ideas or thoughts or anything that I can share with other people feel free to contact me that's it for now.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Solar Power Generator – Off Grid Solar Power

Every year the power grid in the United States struggles to keep up with the ever increasing and overwhelming usage. Off grid solar power is becoming more of a necessity.


Storms, earthquakes, economic hardship there are many reasons in the New America to have an emergency survival solar power generator. Off grid solar system are becoming more sought after especially by city dwellers where gas generators are loud and give off exhaust off grid solar power generator are quiet and give off no exhaust giving you a better chance of avoiding detection.

Home Survival Training recommends the Power Hub 1800 or it’s 2 other sister solar power generator. These off grid solar power stations will give you all the backup replenish able electricity you will need to make it threw any emergency survival situation.  

Below is a great video on how to DIY- Emergency Survival Off Grid Solar Power Charger. 

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